Frequently Asked Questions
1.Our Service
1.1 What is DH Showroom & What DH Showroom can do for you?
DH Showroom is an offline shop for DHmogo in Los Angeles, Ca, USA, which is a pioneering O2O concept, where we bridge the gap between online and offline sourcing.

Our vision is rooted in catering to the needs of reliable suppliers and trending products, often entailing long waits for samples.Our offline showroom is just a glimpse of our extensive supply network. Our dedicated key account managers will provide comprehensive services to ensure your success every step of the way. Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your value with DH Showroom.

1.2 Goods Inspection Service

Why Inspect?

We've introduced our inspection service to ensure that the products you receive match what you see on our website, which will prevent any quality issues or discrepancies.

Unified Inspection Process

Once you place an order, all items are gathered at a warehouse in China. Our team then conducts a thorough inspection of randomly selected products to ensure it meets the quality standards.

The Inspection Steps

Our warehouse team carefully reviews each item to ensure they match the website's description and appearance.

Enhancing Your Experience

Through 100% inspection, we promise that the products you receive will mirror the images and descriptions you viewed during your purchase. This creates a satisfying and stress-free shopping experience.

2.1 What are the supported payment methods?
2.2 Why Can't I Pay by Credit Card?
Possible reasons: If you can't see the credit card option when you make payment, it's possible that your account is pending verification. This is to protect yourself from fraud on the internet. Please contact our customer service for help.
2.3 What Should I do If the Payment Can't Be Confirmed?
For different payment methods, there will be different timeframe for DHmogo to receive the payment. Once the payment has been received, the order will be confirmed and proceeded automatically.
If the payment is still unconfirmed beyond the timeline, you may contact online customer service with your payment problems.
2.4 What Occurs if I Decide to Cancel My Order?
1.If your order status shifts to "Goods are being processed" and it has been within two hours, you have the option to simply click on the "Cancel Order" button directly from the order page. No approval from the seller is required for cancellations during this window.
2.However, if more than two hours have elapsed, you will notice the "Request Refund" button. By clicking "Request Refund," you initiate the process, but kindly note that you'll need to await the seller's response at this point.
3.Shipping & Delivery
3.1 What Is Our Newly Launched DHPort Logistics Service?
With the launch of DHmogo, we've taken significant strides by elevating our logistics system. This comes in the form of "DHPort" our official logistics brand, which is dedicated to enriching the experience for both sellers and buyers.
Discover the DHPort Difference

a. Reliable Timelines and Competitive Prices: Enjoy consistent delivery times and better pricing, plus exceptional post-sale support.

b. Effortless Logistics Hosting: Seamlessly manage logistics with added perks like in-warehouse inspections.

c. No More Worries: DHPort tackles issues like uncertain timelines and inaccurate tracking.

d. Always Improving: DHPort keeps upgrading, offering more routes, including sea transportation and more.

Experience hassle-free logistics on DHmogo with DHPort. Trust us to enhance your journey and make things smoother and more reliable. Stay tuned for even more improvements!
4.1 What is the dispute process?
4.2 What’s the process of the agreement for resend?
Currently there is no option for resend, you can choose to refund and then place a new order.
4.3 What should I do if the item is not received?
Please check the package status:
If the package is in transit with the normal logistic update: According to our past experience, the majority of the packages will be delivered within the estimated shipping time.
4.4 Requesting a Refund Before Shipment
If a buyer wishes to seek a refund before their order is shipped, the following procedures apply:Within 2 hours: If the buyer initiates the refund request within 2 hours of making the payment, they can directly apply for a full refund through the system. The system will automatically handle the process and send an email notification to inform the seller.Over 2 hours: If the refund request is made after 2 hours have passed, the buyer is required to submit a refund application. Our dispute specialist will then manually engage with the seller or logistics to validate the request.
4.5 Item Not as Described?
If the received item doesn't match its description, follow these steps:

a. Open a Dispute: Quickly start a dispute, explaining the issue and presenting evidence.

b. Dispute Team Investigation: Our dispute team will investigate by consulting the seller and logistics. You will then receive a response detailing the findings and proposed solution.

4.6 I haven't received my parcel but it shows "Delivered".
Start a dispute now to discuss this with our dispute team.
4.7 When Can I Open a Dispute?
You can open a dispute under the following circumstances:

a. Non-Receipt of Goods: If the expected delivery time has passed.

b. Item Description Mismatch: After the logistics information indicates delivery, upon buyer confirmation with attached mandatory picture or video proof (including damaged goods).

4.8 What should I do after opening a dispute?
Our dispute team will step in within 24 hours (48 hours on non-working days) and will reach out via email. Keep an eye on your email and promptly respond to the commissioner's message. This ensures a timely and appropriate resolution.
4.9 How to modify the dispute?
Kindly reach out to our customer service team without delay. We will provide the dispute email on the dispute application page.
5.Dispute Rules
5.1 Shortage of product quantity
5.1.1 Some items are missing:
1.If you find items missing from your package, please send us the following evidence: 1. Take a photo to show all the items you have received so far. Please make sure one photo contains all the items.
2. Send us photos of the weigh-in as shown below
3. Make a video to show us the whole process of unboxing and checking the quantity (very important to prepare before unboxing). If you don't have a video prepared to support your claim, please try to send us the two points mentioned above. Taking the first point as an example, if you can't fit all the items in one photo, take a video.
5.1.2 Empty package:

Ordered a pair of shoes and received an empty bag.

5.1.3 Damaged parcel:
Please provide clear photos of the items you receive, including:
1. Package quantities and pictures of all packages or the name and quantity of each product showing accurate weight.
2. The goods received are compared with the goods ordered.
3. Picture of the outer packaging if it is damaged or unsealed upon delivery. Alternatively, you can provide a damage report from the post office.
5.2 Quality issues(Not as Described)
1.If the buyer receives an item that is not as described or has quality issues, they can submit a dispute related to "Not as Described / Quality Issues".
2.The buyer must provide clear evidence (photos, videos) showing the discrepancy or quality issue.
3.If the seller agrees with the claim or fails to respond within the dispute timeframe, a full or partial refund, depending on the severity of the issue, will be issued to the buyer.
*NOTE: Please take clear videos or pictures. This is very important in deciding whether you can get a refund.
5.3 Product damaged
1.If more than one item is damaged, please show us all damaged items in one picture
2. If there is only one item, please take clear photos to show us the damaged part
3. You can also circle the damaged parts
5.4 Products that can not be used
Generally speaking, for all items that can not be used, especially electronic products, please take a video to show us the testing process. Here are some common problems with electronic products:
• Wireless networking
If your phone does not support wifi, but the seller's advertisement says it supports it, please take a video to show us the testing process, or find an identical phone (same brand, same style) to show us a phone that supports wifi and your phone. to the difference between mobile phones.
• Not enough storage space
Test your phone's storage using testing software like Antutu or z-device and show us the whole process in your video.
• The touch screen does not work or does not work properly
Take a video and show it to us.
• Unable to start
Make a video to show us the testing process, Make sure to show us you have the battery in the phone and the phone is charging or connected to a power source.
• Unable to charge
Take a video to show us that the phone can not be charged. Please be sure to show us that you have the battery in your phone and that your phone is charging or connected to a power source.
5.5 Personal reasons (only in very special circumstances, otherwise no refund will be made)
The goods are in good condition but still require a refund:
- Full refund
For a full refund, the buyer needs to provide videos or pictures as evidence, and the dispute team will conduct three-party coordination based on your evidence. If a refund agreement is reached after coordination, the refund will be refunded to the buyer's DHmogo account.
5.6 Parcel not received
1.If the buyer has not received the order within the agreed time frame, they can submit a dispute related to "Order Not Received". (around 20 days for air shipping and 40 days for sea shipping)
2.If the tracking information shows the order has been delivered but the buyer insists they did not receive it, the seller must provide official proof of delivery.
3.If the seller cannot provide proof of delivery, a full refund will be issued to the buyer.
5.7 Order Cancellation
Buyers can request to cancel an order before it has been shipped by submitting an "Order Cancellation" dispute.
1. If the seller has not shipped the order, they should accept the cancellation and issue a full refund to the buyer.
2. If the order has already been shipped, the buyer needs to clearly state the reason for canceling the order. After three-party mediation with the seller, if an agreement is reached, a refund can be made. If not, your refund request will be rejected.
6.Other Questions
6.1 How do you contact platform customer service?
For general questions or services, please contact us at:
Working Hours: Mon. to Sun. 9 am to 6 pm (GMT+08:00)
6.2 What does KAM do on DHmogo?
Key Account Manager (KAM) provides committed and professional service for exclusive DHmogo buyers with inquires. They will handle any issues you may encounter, so you can enjoy easy, problem-free purchasing on DHmogo.
6.3 How do you contact the seller?

The message function for contacting DHmogo seller is currently unavailable.

For any specific inquiries feel free to contact directly with a KAM.

We offer one-stop services including product display, consultation, purchase inquiry, customer service and after-sales support. We can even introduce distribution products to you. Your satisfaction is our service principle.
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